Macario's Effigies and Artifacts
A collection of prehistoric artwork 

November 12, 2017

Previously posted effigy with newly discovered images, including extraterrestrial ship

This artifact is a scraper with various images.  Found in Outlook, WA.  Measures 1 3/4" x 1 3/4 '.  I had already posted this artifact some time ago but upon further study, I have found more mysterious images.  I believe this artifact and two other previously posted artifacts date back millions of years.  

View 1a, 1b, 1c

These three images depict an alien ship

View 2

On the right side of the artifact is a mysterious alien facing viewer.  On top are two small images facing viewer.  The eyes of the larger image form the mouths of the two smaller images above.  

Within this effigy are images hidden within images. I believe this particular effigy contains art that has been created from a higher power, perhaps even aliens. 
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On the right side of the artifact, there is an image facing viewer.  
View 4

There is a profile image that faces right.
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This is how the artifact would have been used as a scraper.

October 23rd, 2017

Unidentified species of primitive man, alien ship, and animals

This effigy is quite similar to the one I posted previously on September 17th. This artifact was found in the Outlook area. It measures 1 1/4"x1 1/2".  This artifact shows that work as been done on it.  What makes me believe this rock is authentic is the art is well made.  This rock looks very old.  


View 1a, 1b

1a:  Image of unidentified species of primitive man that existed many years ago.  

1b:  This is a picture of 1a upside down.
View 2

Image of primitive animal facing right
View 3

Image of primitive animal facing left.
Views 4a, 4b

4a, 4b:  This artifact depicts an alien ship that visited primitive people
View 5

Could this be writing on an alien ship
View 6

This is how it would have been used to scrape or cut.

Sept 17, 2017

Neanderthals in Washington State in North America thousands of years ago. 

This artifact was found in Outlook, WA in Yakima County.  This artifact measures 1 1/2" x 2".  The art in this rock is very old.  Just by looking at the rock, the art in this rock and in North America is as important as other art rocks in the world.  I believe I have some of the oldest artifacts in the world of ancient civilizations.  If we don't study these kinds of artifacts, we will never know what was there millions or billions of years ago or we will always be guessing like we are today.  The evidence in the art is here and is irrefutable.  


View 1

Mysterious artifact with many images.  Facing left are two images in one.  Primitive image of man facing right.  An image faces viewer in the middle of rock.  On top of rock are two faces side by side.  

View 2

Big image of dinosaur facing right.  Image of primitive man facing left.
View 3

Big image of primitive animal facing right.
Views 4 & 5

The shape of the rock depicts extraterrestrial ship that likely came to visit primitive man.
Views 6 & 7

This is how it would have been used to cut and scrape.

July  28, 2017

Neanderthals in Washington State in North America thousands of years ago. 

 This artifact is a rock-art tool.  Every artifact tells a story.  This artifact shows Neanderthal coexisting with another primitive man that were already here when Neanderthals came.  The last image shows a modern man with elongated heads.  I believe the last set of pictures depicts an alien.  This artifact supports my theory that people from another world mated with primitive people that were already here.  These are real images of primitive people that existed thousands of years ago.


Views 1a, 1b

image of Neanderthal looking right and up.  This artifact was found in Outlook, WA  measures 3 1/2"x2 1/4".  This artifact is 100% authentic.

Views 2a, 2b

Turn artifact clockwise and there is a profile image of primitive man that co-existed with Neantherdal.  I believe this primitive man were already in Northamerica before Neanderthals arrived.
Views 3a, 3b

Turn artifact clockwise and you will see a profile of a modern-looking man with an oblong head facing left.  I believe this man is an alien that landed and is talking to primitive man.
Views 4a, 4b

This is a demonstration of how it was used to make cordage.

On the bottom it shows where the artifact was worn from use. 

April 8, 2017

Multi-image effigy featuring images of  monkey, dinosaur, and modern looking humans

This artifact measures 2x1 1/2" found in Yakima County.  This small artifact is probably millions of years old with image of dinosaur and modern looking humans.  Was there an ancient civilization that co-existed with dinosaurs?  I believe this small artifact was a game they played with each other to see who could identify them in less time.  I believe this artifact to be authentic.  Professional archeologists need to get off of the merry-go-round and accent the possibility that humans co-existed with dinosaurs.  If this artifact depicts dinosaurs, it has to be one of the oldest artifacts that exist in the world.  Because of this, along with other findings, I believe North America has the oldest artifacts in the world.

With these artifacts you can tell the age just by looking at them, by examining the markings. This particular artifact is millions of years old.
View 1

Top of artifact facing left there is an image of a monkey.  In the middle of the artifact there is a big image facing left.  On the right side, there are 3 images, one on top of the other.  They are all facing right. 
View 2

#2  Turn the artifact upside down and there is a big image facing left.  There are 3 other images facing right.  One image is looking up and the other two are one on top of the other. 
View 3

If you flip the rock over, there is a big image facing left.  On top of that big image, there is an image facing up.  The arrangement is the same as the other side.
View 4

Turn it counterclockwise and there is an image facing left with elongated head.  Facing right is an image of the head of a dinosaur. 

View 5

If you turn the rock slightly at an angle, there is an image facing to the right. 

View 6

If you again turn the rock counterclockwise, you will see a big image of modern human facing right.

February 8th, 2017

Multi-image effigy featuring unidentified prehistoric animals

This artifact was found in my small farm in Outlook, WA in Yakima County.  This artifact depicts a primitive animal and the head and neck of a dinosaur.  This artifact shows work has been done.  I believe established theories are wrong.  You have to start from the beginning.  What I have is evidence and I am not guessing.  North America has the oldest artifacts in the world.  This artifact is evidence that dinosaurs co-existed with humans millions of years ago, as my previously shared artifacts show. 
View 1

There is a neck and head of a dinosaur facing right. 
View 2

There is a small face facing viewer.  I believe this face is the signature of the creator of the artifact.  I have previously shared artifacts with similar faces on the artifacts.  I believe this is a form of signature by the artist. 
View 3

Turn artifact counterclockwise and there is an unidentified prehistoric animal.
View 4

This is an unidentified perhistoric animal, facing left.